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Product No.: 110009
Product Name: PVC Anti-static cover
List Price: $65.00
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Product description :
PVC floors are provided with permanent antistatic property, stable and not affected by temperature and humidity of the interior of cleaning room. The surface of floors are smooth to protect the chemical pollution and easy to clean and maintain for floors. The PVC rolls are provided to completely solve the enlargement of the chink of PVC tiles.
PVC tiles and rolls are widely used in the area of electronic, computer, telecommunication,medicament and sanitation ,transportation carriages etc.

System resistance
Dissipation:1.0×06Ω ~ 1.0×109Ω
Static full decay period
Starting voltage
|V | <100V
Amount of wear
≤0.02g / c?
Combustion property
FV - 0
Residual hollow strength
Rate of size change at heating
Product components
Anti-static PVC floor (tile and roll)
PVC Welding strips
Copper strips 20MM×0.03MM
Conductive glue


Floor Length (MM)
Floor Width (MM)
Floor Thickness
PVC tiles
300 * 300 / 600 * 600 / 900 * 900 /1200 * 1200
2.0MM/2.5 MM/ 3.0 MM
PVC roll
1700 ~ 1900
1500 ~ 2000
2.0 MM/2.5 MM

    Step 1_Select the laying direction direction and fix the guide line on base.
    Step 2_Laying the copper strips by 20MM×0.03MM secton, 1.2M×2.0M spacing.
    Step 3_Apply the glue.
    Step 4_Laying the floors and pressing with a 60~80KG flooring roller.
    Step 5_Groving and hot relding with plastic strips.