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Product No.: 100025
Product Name: Spray Fluxer for Wave Solder
List Price: $3,890.00
Sale Price: $

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Product description :
Upgrade your wave solder machine with the Spray Fluxer to: 
1.         Replace a foam fluxer or an obsolete spray fluxer.
2.         Achieve a true no-clean process.
3.         Implement a lead-free process.
4.    Please refer to attched operation manual.
1.         OMRON PLC Control system.
2.         Japanese ST-6 flux spray nozzle, SMC cylinder. (Step motor control is available on request)
3.         The whole body is made of stainless steel. 
4.         The air control system is individual.
1.  Power:                                       AC110V/ 220V 60HZ/ 50HZ
2.  Dimension:                                 Customized
3.  Weight:                                      Customized