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Product No.: 800013
Product Name: C-302 Automatic Taped Radial Lead Cutting Machine
List Price: $1,260.00
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Product description :
1.         It is used to cut radial leads of the unilateral taped radial components. (roll-/box-packaged)
2.         It has small volume and is easy to operate.
3.         It works accurately and is easy to adjust.
4.         Made of steel materials imported from Japan, its cutters are durable.
5.         Its motor and electric parts are all imported from Taiwan.
6.         Tape hole distance: 12.5mm or 15mm (they can not be shared)
1.  Power:                                       AC110V/220V 60HZ/50HZ  
2.  Dimension:                                 L415 x W250 x H180mm
3.  Weight:                                      24kg
4.  Efficiency:                                  60000pcs/H