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Product No.: 800010
Product Name: C-312A Tungsten Steel Balde Grinding Machine
List Price: $1,580.00
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Product description :
1.       It is used to grind tungsten steel blades of PCB lead cutting machine.
2.       The angle of grinding is adjustable. It is easy to operate. All parts cooperate perfectly. The grinding is of high precision.
3.       Adopting cycle cooling and sealing design, it can keep the environment clean and reduce the loss of materials.
4.       It is equipped a grinding bowel imported from Taiwan.
5.       Its motor and electric parts are all imported from Taiwan.
1.  Power:                                       AC 380V/220V 60HZ/50HZ  
2.  Dimension:                                 L630 x W550 x H320mm
3.  Weight:                                      60kg