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Product No.: 800009
Product Name: C-309A Power Transistor Lead Former
List Price: $5,250.00
Sale Price: $

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Product description :
1.       It is suitable for the forming of pipe-packaged power transistors, audions, and other electronic components of similar shape.
2.       Its speed can be adjusted steplessly.
3.       It is easy to operate and maintain.
4.       Molds can be made upon the customer’s requirement for size. It is easier to change moulds.
5.       Vibration dish forming bulky spares can be installed upon requirements.
1.  Power:                                       AC110V/220V 60HZ/50HZ  
2.  Dimension:                                 L370 x W330 x H320mm
3.  Weight:                                      25kg
4.  Efficiency:                                  3600pcs/H