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Product No.: 700012
Product Name: Alarm Hygrometer HT-5
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Product description :
Alarm Hygrometer is installed at precisely controlled environment, such as storage room of precious collections, production line of high tech electronic components, optical and medical industries …etc. It can not only display the temperature and relative humidity, but also alert the engineers to check and repair the facilities immediately by flash or buzzer alarm that is activated as soon as the temperature or relative humidity exceeds the preset tolerance. And then millions of dollars could be saved in time.
  For the sake of saving monitoring manpower at a huge plant, there are 32 sets of Alarm Hygrometer can be connected to a PC through RJ-45 intranet or wireless network. All of the data of temperature and relative humidity will be recorded and the fluctuation will be shown in the graph.
1.  OperationRange:                                -20 - 50?, 10 - 90%RH
2.  Precision of Temperature Sensor:        ± 0.5?
3.  Precision of Humidity Sensor:             ± 3%RH
4.  Resolution of Temperature:                  0.1?
5.  Resolution of Humidity:                       0.1%RH
6.  Dimension:                                        W310 x D70 x H320 mm
7.  Power:                                              110/230V 50/60HZ
8.  Visibility Distance   Yes (option)         30m