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Product No.: 100007A
Product Name: Component Counter C-2000
List Price: $1,990.00
Sale Price: $

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Product description :
By using the principle of photoelectric sense, C-2000 Series SMD Counter can take the advantage of the relations between the sprocket holes and the parts and count the SMD parts accurately and quickly. It is the high-efficient auxiliary equipment for SMT material management.
1.         High precision and free from counting errors.
2.         All SMD general-purpose reeling packing parts are applicable.
3.         Countable for in both forward and reverse directions, with double check feature; able to preset the quantity.
4.         Simple operation and unique pocket falling-proof design will minimize the damage to the tape.
5.         The patented inclined operation panel enables users to see the parts in both the display and the pockets.
1.  Power:                                       AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ
2.  Counter:                                     -59999 to 59999pcs
3.  Dimension:                                 410 x 235 x 240mm
4.  Tapes:                                        All SMD tapes
5.  Print:                                          Yes (option)
6.  Missing component detection       Yes (option)
1.         Label printer
2.         Bar code copy
3.         Empty chip detection