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Product No.: 100003A
Product Name: Desktop Reflow Oven C-100C
List Price: $3,890.00
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Product description :
1.         High precision, multi- functions    
40 segment temperature curves can be set.       
2.         Computer control     
Breaks through the shortages such as the difficulty of meter control program, the difficulty of modify parameter, limited storage of temperature curve. It adopts the software for temperature control, the temperature curve can be set intuitively. And a large number of temperature curves can be stored. Analysis and statistics function, printing function.        
3.         Real-time testing the temperature curve   
Test the temperature curve of soldering every time. During the process of soldering, the actual temperature can be displayed at the same time. It is convenient to adjust and control the lead-free curve. Especially control the heat preservation zone and the melting zone.       
4.         Viewable operation     
The real time display of temperature and the real time observation of the soldering process. 

1. Temperature control segment
40 segment. The segment can be set in computer according to the actual requirement.    
2. Temperature-zone number
Single-zone and multi-segment  
3. Temperature control system
PC control system, SSR output 
4. Temperature accuracy
±2 ?     
5. Warm-up time
6. Temperature range
Room-temperature 320 ?  
7. Heating supply
Infrared ray + Hot air convection  
8. Effective working table area
330mm * 230mm   
9.  Welding time
3min ±1min    
10. Temperature curve
According to the actual requirement, It can be set and adjusted in real time. The real time testing can be done at the same time. 
11. Cooling system
Transverse flow equal cooling  
12. Rated voltage
AC single-phase, 220V 50Hz  
13.  Rated power
3kw, Mean power: 1.5kw